Factsheet: Farm Bill

Farm Bill

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Food, Conservation, and Energy Act 2008: Farm Bill
Some specific initiatives in the bill include among others (TITLE XV—TRADE AND TAX PROVISIONS Part II -energy provisions Subpart a - cellulosic biofuel): it includes increased funding for biofuel plants and cellulosic ethanol; a reduction of the existing ethanol tax credit from $0.51 to $0.45 per gallon, and an extension of the ethanol import tariff. And it also support research and development: to maximize the environmental, economic, and social benefits of production of biofuels and derived biobased products on a large scale; and to facilitate small-scale production and local and on-farm use of biofuels, including the development of small-scale gasification technologies for production of biofuel from cellulosic feedstocks. Some specific initiatives in the bill include among others loans for renewable electricity: energy conversion system fueled from a.o. biomass (TITLE VI—RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sec. 6108 Electric loans for renewable energy).
Support investments in biofuels and bio-electricity
Responsible Authority: 
Department of Agriculture


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