Factsheet: Renewable energy

Renewable energy

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Renewable energy House Bill No. 77
An act relating to renewable energy; creating s. 366.91, F.S.; providing legislative findings; providing definitions; requiring public utilities, municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperatives to offer a purchase contract to producers of renewable energy; requiring the Florida Public Service Commission to establish requirements relating to the purchase of capacity and energy by public utilities from renewable energy producers; authorizing the commission to adopt rules; providing requirements for contracts; requiring that a producer pay the costs for interconnection; amending s. 366.11, F.S.; specifying that requirements for the purchase of renewable energy apply to municipal utilities; amending s. 403.7061, F.S.; revising a permit requirement for a waste-to-energy facility; encouraging specified applicants for a landfill permit to consider construction of a waste-to-energy facility; providing an effective date. The term “waste-to-energy facility” means a facility that uses an enclosed device using controlled combustion to thermally break down solid, liquid, or gaseous combustible solid waste to an ash residue that contains little or no combustible material and that produces electricity, steam, or other energy as a result.
Support production of renewable electricity. Support investments in biomass electricty systems.

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