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AGORA project
The AGORA Project is the largest and most successful integrated marketing and communications initiative focused on a specific chain (sugarcane) and launched in Brazilian agribusiness. It brings together six major companies and 12 organizations, all with key roles within the sugar-energy Industry. Launched in 2009 and focused on the domestic market, the AGORA Project has concluded a number of successful initiatives, including a series of four educational programs that together have impacted close to 4 million students and sixty six thousand teachers at thirty one thousand public schools in eleven Brazilian states. The TOP Ethanol Awards, also in their fifth year, attract hundreds of academic theses, technological innovation projects, news stories and photographs focused on energy sustainably obtained from agriculture. As of 2011, the TOP Ethanol Awards were included among the top ten awards available for Brazilian journalists. The project is funded by contributions collected annually from its partner companies and organizations. Regular meetings involving all partners assess new proposals and manage ongoing initiatives. Because of its strategic location in the state of São Paulo, at the heart of the biggest sugarcane growing region in the world, the Project is hosted by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) from its headquarters in the city of São Paulo. UNICA is also one of AGORA’s member organizations. These are the AGORA Project’s current partners: Companies: BASF, Bayer, Dedini, FMC, Monsanto and Syngenta Organizations: -The ethanol, sugar and bioelectricity producers’ associations from the Brazilian states of: Parana (Alcopar), Mato Grosso do Sul (Biosul), Minas Gerais (Siamig), Goiás (Sifaeg), Mato Grosso (Sindálcool/MT), Paraíba (Sindálcool/PB), Pernambuco (Sindaçúcar/PE), Alagoas (Sindaçúcar/AL), Maranhão-Pará (Sindicanálcool); -The Organization of Sugarcane Suppliers in South-Central Brazil (Orplana); -The National Association of Sugar-Energy and Biofuels Industries (Ceise-BR) -The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA)
Support R&D and investments in renewable energy

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