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The Forest Investment Program (FIP)
The Forest Investment Program (FIP) is a targeted program of the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), which is one of two funds within the framework of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). Brazil is one of the 8 FIP pilot countries. The Brazilian FIP Investment Plan was approved in May 2012 by the FIP subcommittee. This Plan comprises coordinated actions by three Ministries (Environment; Science, Technology & Innovation; and Agriculture and Livestock and Food Supply) focused on building synergies in order to maximize the impact of a larger set of policies aimed at reducing reforestation in the Cerrado biome, the second largest biome in Brazil and South America. The Brazil Investment Plan for FIP seeks to promote sustainable land use and forest management improvement in the Cerrado, contributing to reducing pressure on the remaining forests, reducing GHG emissions and increasing CO2 sequestration.
Support protection and management of forests. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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three ministries: Environment; Science, Technology and Innovation; Agriculture and Livestock and Supply


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