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vehicle emission limits

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vehicle (including ethanol fuelled) emission limits
Law 8723/1993 and its amendments (including the following CONAMA Resolutions 09/94; 15/95; 342/03) concerns new model vehicle (including ethanol fuelled) emission limits. CONAMA Resolution 09/94 Establishing the Deadline for Manufacturers of Automotive Vehicles with Alcohol Motors to Declare to IBAMA & Designated Technical Environmental Organs Their Typical Emission Levels CONAMA Resolution 15/95 Establishing a New Classification of Imported Vehicles for the Control of Vehicular Emissions CONAMA Resolution 342/2003 Establishing New Limits for the Emission of Polluting Gases by Motorbikes, Motorcycles & Similar New Vehicles Law 12.494 on Motor Vehicle Emissions, as amended by Law 12.533
Regulate emissions of vehicles.

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