Factsheet: Standardisation on Surface active agents (CEN-TC276)

Standardisation on Surface active agents (CEN-TC276)

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CEN/TC 276 - Surface active agents
CEN/TC276 Scope: Standardization of classification, terminology, sampling, physical, chemical or other test methods, specifications, etc., of surface active agents and mixtures containing one or more surface active agents with or without other conventional components of soap and detergent formulations. Bio-surfactants: Development of standards for bio-surfactants products. This includes consistent terminology with CEN/TC 411 "Bio based Products" definitions, sampling, certification tools, biobased content, application of and correlation towards life cycle analysis, sustainability criteria for biomass used and for final products; product functionality and other product specific aspects not covered by the CEN/TC 411. There are no published standards on bio-surfactants.
Standards for surface active agents.

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