Factsheet: Policy of biocombustibles

Policy of biocombustibles

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Policy of biocombustibles
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Politica de biocombustibles
This document lays down the objectives for Colombia's biofuels production, in order to secure energy supply and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. It indicates the production regions and fuel blends (initially aiming at 10% for the period 2006- 2010, source Ministerio de Minas y Energia). In Colombia only 50.000 ha of the 3.000.000 available where used in 2007 for ethanol production and the policy aims at increasing this production. The policy also addresses actions to improve the biofuel program: Decree 383 of 2007, decree 2629 of 2007, Resolution 18 0158 de 2007, creation of Seed Capital fund, continuous review of characteristic of ethanol pricing. On the biodiesel program it lays down views on logistics, Free Trade Zones for bio fuel production, lab test development, and the making of a Conpes document.
Regulate advanced biofuels

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Minister of Mines and Energy MME


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