Factsheet: EN ISO 17225 Standards for solid biofuels (CEN/TC335)

EN ISO 17225 Standards for solid biofuels (CEN/TC335)

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CEN/TC335 - Solid biofuels
Solid biofuels–Fuel specification and classes (EN ISO 17225-1) was published in 2014 and superseded the existing EN 14961-1 standard. EN14961 had 6 subnorms determining the fuel quality classes and specifications for solid biofuels. All solid biofuels mentioned in the standard are for non-industrial use. Distinction is made between (1) wood pellets, (2) wood briquettes, (3) wood chips, (4) firewood, (5) non-woody pellets. Standards for fuel quality assurance are dealt with in EN 15324. The European Standard covers the raw material supply, production and delivery chain, from purchasing of raw materials to point of delivery to the end-user. (CEN/TC 335)
Standards for solid biofuels.
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Specifications for solid biofuels (pellets, logs, chips, …)
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