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Electric energy

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Law on Electric energy No. 5485/2013 amending Law No. N 575/97-VR
The Law regulates production, transmission, supply and use of energy. The term energy means electric or thermal energy. The basic principles in the electric energy sector are: (a) state regulation; (b) environmental protection; (c) ecological safety; (d) development of renewable energy sources. The Law consists of six Sections divided into 29 articles dealing with the following matters: general provisions (Sect. 1); authorized institutions (Sect. 2); state regulation in the energy sector (Sect. 3); economic and organizational mechanism of the energy sector (Sect. 4); international cooperation (Sect. 5) and additional provisions (Sect. 6). The state regulation shall be carried out by the State Inspection over Operation of Electric Power Stations and by the State Inspection for Supervision over Consumption of Electric and Thermal Energy. The state supervision shall be carried out through granting licences in the electric energy sector. The aforesaid activities in the electric energy sector shall be licensed. Electric energy enterprises must reduce negative environmental impact. Law 5485: article 1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “For certification of the origin of electric energy produced from renewable sources the authorized state institution shall issue to the producer certificate of origin of electric energy at his request”. Article 15 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Electric energy from alternative renewable sources can be traded on wholesale energy market of Ukraine in accordance with contracts concluded with consumers of distributors of electric energy”. Article 17-1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “The State shall guarantee subsidies for stimulation of production of electric energy from renewable sources”.
Incentives for domestic use of biomass for energy. Regulate energy production, renewable energy and internal trade.

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