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Law on plant life

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Law on plant life No. 591-XIV
The laws of Ukraine on plant life shall be assigned the task of governing social relationships in the sphere of protection, use and reproduction of wild plants and other species meant for purposes other than the agricultural ones, including vascular plants, mossy varieties, seaweed, lichens, and also mushrooms, their groupings, place of growth (art. 2). The following requirements shall be mandatory when conducting activities capable of affecting the environment, protection, use, and reproduction of the plant world: a) preservation of the natural area, genus, population, and caenotic diversity of the plant world; b) preservation of natural growth conditions with regard to plants and natural vegetative groupings; c) scientifically justified, sparing use of natural vegetative resources; d) implementation of measures to prevent negative influence of economic activities on the plant world; e) protection of objects of the plant world from fires, wreckage and diseases; f) implementation of measures aimed at the reproduction of the plant world; g) regulation of proliferation and population of wild plants and use of their reserves allowing for health care interests. The said requirements are taken into account when drafting elements of law, intergovernmental, regional programmes, and taking measures to preserve, use and reproduce the plant world (art. 5). Citizens can collect medical and technical raw material, flowers, berries, fruit, mushrooms, and other foodstuff to supply their own needs, also use these resources for recreational, improving, and cultural -educational purposes. Common use of natural vegetative resources shall be carried out by citizens observing the rules adopted by the central executive body in the field of protection of the environment without issuing appropriate permits. Collection of wild plants listed as containing narcotic drugs, their fruit, seeds, after- crop and raw material remainder shall be forbidden (art. 9). Special use of natural vegetative resources shall be carried out by juridical or physical persons acting under permission: 1) collection of medicinal herbs; 2) timber procurement during main felling; 3) preparation of galipot; 4) preparation of bark, rind, wood green, juices, and so forth; 5) collection of flowers, berries, fruit, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, wood base, cane and so forth; 6) preparation of hay; 7) pastures (art. 10). Rare plant varieties and those on the verge of extinction, kinds of plants growing in the territory of Ukraine, within the limits of its territorial waters, continental shelf and exclusive (sea) economic zone, shall be subject to the special protection and shall be entered in the Red book of Ukraine (art. 30).
Regulate forestry, timber and non-timber products, crops/grasses and prohibited crops.

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