Factsheet: Agricultural Act of 2014: BIOREFINERY ASSISTANCE

Agricultural Act of 2014: BIOREFINERY ASSISTANCE

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Agricultural Act of 2014: SEC. 9003. BIOREFINERY ASSISTANCE
SEC. 9003. BIOREFINERY ASSISTANCE: - concerns program adjustments by inserting the following ‘renewable chemicals, and biobased product manufacturing’’; The term ‘biobased product manufacturing’ means development, construction, and retrofitting of technologically new commercial-scale processing and manufacturing equipment and required facilities that will be used to convert renewable chemicals and other biobased outputs of biorefineries into end-user products on a commercial scale. - concerns mandatory funding by loan garantees.
Rules for agricultural practices. Stimulate biobased materials.
Responsible Authority: 
U.S. Department of Agriculture


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