Factsheet: Renewable energy resources

Renewable energy resources

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House Bill 503 Public utilities; establishment of voluntary portfolio standard goals for renewable energy
The legislature is to recognize the economic, environmental, and fuel diversity benefits of renewable energy resources, to encourage further development of these resources, and to encourage the establishment of a market for renewable energy in Georgia using the state's renewable energy resources. These efforts can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity and reduce the state's dependence on finite, nonrenewable resources. Accordingly, the legislature finds that goals should be established for electric utilities to guide them in incorporating renewable resources into their resource portfolios. This amendement is to provide for the establishment of voluntary portfolio standard goals for renewable energy; to provide for legislative intent and purpose; to provide for definitions; to provide for reports, incentives, penalties, and rules and regulations; to provide for a renewable energy credits trading program; to provide for a registry of producers of renewable energy in this state; to provide for credits for landfill gas or other renewable energy in the form of gas supplied by a producer of renewable energy and sold to a customer or gas distribution system; to provide for a reporting system to monitor compliance; to encourage integrated resource plans to include sufficient renewable energy resources to meet the portfolio standard goals for renewable energy.
Increase the share of renewable energy. Support renewable energy projects.
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House Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications


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