Factsheet: Prorenova - Paiss Agricola

Prorenova - Paiss Agricola

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BNDES Prorenova (Paiss Agricola)
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BNDES Prorenova (Paiss Agricola)
The National Bank for Social and Economic Development (BNDES) created in 2012 a new program to encourage the production of sugarcane by financing the renovation of old sugarcane farms and the expansion of the cultivated area. The BNDES Prorenova has a budget of approx. € 380 million 2011-2014, and its launch encourages the renewal and expansion of sugarcane farms, key to increasing Brazilian sugarcane productivity and, thus, reducing the industrial idleness of sugar and ethanol production. By this Brazilian government initiative (BNDES and FINEP) BNDES started this credit line named “Paiss Agricola” to fund agricultural research and development for the sugar-ethanol sector, mostly for investments in advanced biofuels. This Joint Plan is for Supporting Industrial Technological Innovation in the Sugar-based Energy and Chemical Sectors (PAISS) with 3 thematic lines: 2G ethanol, new sugarcane-derived products, gasification.
Support investments in renewable energy.

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