Factsheet: Crown Lands and Forests Act

Crown Lands and Forests Act

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Crown Lands and Forests Act
This Act concerns regulations for the development, utilization, protection and integrated management of the resources of Crown Lands, including among others to access to and travel on Crown Lands and harvesting and renewal of timber resources on Crown Lands. The management of private forest lands is encouraged as the primary source of timber for wood processing facilities in the Province. This regulation concerns: alienation and acquisition of land - continuation and cancellation of licenses - crown timber (sub-)licenses and timber permit and timber sale - arrest, search and seizure - royalty and crown charges - control of unauthorized harvesting - use of timber from crown lands - trespass and unauthorized occupation and possession of crown lands - protection of forests - abandoned lands - prosecutions - additional fees - regulations. Under the Crown Lands and Forests Act all wood processing facilities (mills) in New Brunswick must report to DNR the volume and source of their wood supply (including Crown wood, private wood and imports to New Brunswick). In this way, all roundwood and biomass harvested and consumed by New Brunswick sawmills and pulpmills is tracked.
Regulate protection and management of forests ; regulate timber and timber products

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Department of Natural Resources (DNR)


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