Factsheet: NS Forests Act

NS Forests Act

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
NS Forests Act
The intent and purpose of this Act is among others: • developing a healthier, more productive forest capable of yielding increased volumes of high quality products; • encouraging the development and management of private forest land as the primary source of forest products for industry in the Province; • supporting private landowners to make the most productive use of their forest land; • providing effective management of all Crown lands; • enhancing the viability of forest-based manufacturing and processing industries; • doubling of forest production by the year 2025. This regulation concerns among others: forest management planning process and management techniques - Industrial forest operator information - selective forest research - training of silvicultural workers - development of forest products sector - buyer of forest products - sustainable Forestry Fund - Timber Loan Board
Regulate protection and management of forests

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Responsible Authority: 
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR)


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