Factsheet: Forests Conservation and Management Bill 2014

Forests Conservation and Management Bill 2014

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
The Forest Conservation and Management Bill, 2014
Through the following targets of this act higher yields can be achieved, thus more timber and subsequently more residues available for export to the EU. Furthermore, sustainable management and utilization is ensured without any distortion of other markets or any deterioration of Kenyan's life.The implementation of this Act shall be guided by the following principles — (a) good governance and access to public information, and a participatory approach to forest conservation and management shall be enshrined to ensure the effective involvement of stakeholders in forest conservation and management; (b) forest resources management and conservation shall be devolved wherever possible and appropriate to those owners and managers of forest resources. (c) benefits accruing from forest conservation and management, shall be enjoyed and equitably shared by the people of Kenya; (d) scientific knowledge and expertise, professionalism and international best practice, including the provisions of multilateral environmental agreements, shall form the cornerstone of sustainable forest conservation and management; (e)customs and excise waiver in respect of imported capital goods or tax rebates to forest industries and other establishments investing in plants, equipment and machinery for improved resource utilization and for using other energy resources as substitutes for hydrocarbons;
Stimulate reforestation or afforestation.


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