Factsheet: Biodiesel Production

Biodiesel Production

Key Information
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Programme to develop biodiesel production
The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a programme to develop biodiesel (bioethanol) production in December 2005. The programme stipulates that Ukraine will produce and consume approximately 520 000 tonnes of biofuels in 2010. An investment of about EUR 170 million is to be invested in equipping biofuels production plants and developing energy crop fields. In 2006 the government adopted measures to boost biodiesel production further, with the objective of reaching 623 000 tonnes annually by 2010, and to simultaneously increase rapeseed harvest to 7.5 million tonnes. The December 2006 programme envisages promoting biodiesel plant construction, creating intensified rapeseed growing zones and optimising cultivation, as well as guaranteeing purchase of rapeseed for biodiesel production.
Increase the share of biofuels in transport
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Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine


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