Factsheet: Green power certificates

Green power certificates

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Energy Decree - Green Power Certificates
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Energiedecreet - Groene stroom certificaten
The Energy Decree bundles all prior energy related decrees, e.g. electricity and gas decree, and stipulates general conditions for energy policy in Flanders. The region of Flanders uses a quota system and a certificate trading scheme to support renewable electricity. In general, all renewable electricity generation technologies are eligible for the quota system - waste streams or woody material which can be recycled or used by the paper or wood industry are not entitled to receive green power certificates. The green electricity certificates are issued by the Flemish regulatory authority (VREG). The amount of electricity to be produced for 1 certificate varies across technologies and is based on a technology-specific banding factor. This so called banding factor accounts for the specific technology costs and efficiencies for amortisation. The grid operators are obliged to meet their quota obligations, i.e. present green certificates for the quota defined by law, every year by 31 March.
Increase the share of renewable energy in electricity production.

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Responsible Authority: 
VREG (Flemish Regulator for Electricity and Gas) ; VEA - Flemish Energy Agency


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