Factsheet: Center for Alternative Fuels

Center for Alternative Fuels

Key Information
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Act that creates the Center for Alternative Fuels
The act authorizes the Center for Alternative Fuels to act as an information clearinghouse for available federal grant funds, defines alternative fuels, and requires that alternative fuels sold in Alabama meet certain standards. The act specifies the duties of the center and authorizes the department to promulgate rules relating to the operation of the center. The leadership of the Alabama Legislature created an Act to make the Center’s activities part of Alabama law. House Bill 123, sponsored by Rep. Thad McClammy of Montgomery and 25 other co-sponsors, received overwhelming support in both houses of the legislature and Gov. Riley signed the bill into law on June 14, 2007. It is now known as Act 2007-452. In addition to the Act’s key directive creating the Center for Alternative Fuels, the Act also directs the Center to serve as a clearinghouse for federal grants, to help protect Alabama consumers by setting quality standards for alternative fuels sold in the state, and it created the Alabama Alternative Fuels Research and Development Fund. Beginning at the end of the 2007 tax year, Alabama taxpayers may contribute to this fund through an income tax check off.
Stimulate advanced biofuels. Provide information on biofuels.

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Department of Agriculture and Industries


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