Factsheet: Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act 

Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act 

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Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act 
This Act establish and funds forest stewardship management planning with respect to non-Federal forest lands of the United States. Private forest owners receive funding to create forest stewardship management plans. To receive funding, owners must adhere to US Forest Service standards. These include the requirement that the plan consider, describe, and evaluate resource elements present, which run the gamut from soil, water, and biodiversity, among others. The goal is that countries shift toward more sustainable forest management. Federal Law revising the authority of the United States Forest Service for to provide financial and technical assistance to states and private landowners on a variety of forestry issues, including forest management and stewardship, fire protection, insect and disease control, reforestation and stand improvement, and urban forestry. The Secretary of Agriculture, with respect to non-Federal forest lands in the United States, is authorised to assist in (1) the establishment of a coordinated and cooperative Federal, State, and local forest stewardship program for management of the non-Federal forest lands; (2) the encouragement of the production of timber; (3) the prevention and control of insects and diseases affecting trees and forests; (4) the prevention and control of rural fires; (5) the efficient utilization of wood and wood residues, including the recycling of wood fiber; (6) the improvement and maintenance of fish and wildlife habitat; (7) the planning and conduct of urban forestry programs; (8) broadening existing forest management, fire protection, and insect and disease protection programs on non-Federal forest lands to meet the multiple use objectives of landowners in an environmentally sensitive manner; (9) providing opportunities to private landowners to protect ecologically valuable and threatened non-Federal forest lands; and (10) strengthening educational, technical, and financial assistance programs that provide assistance to owners of non-Federal forest lands in the United States, and forest lands in foreign countries.
Stimulate sustainable forest management

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Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture


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