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ESM 2020

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Energy strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2030
The Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2030 provides concrete guidelines for Moldova’s energy sector development, with the main goal to provide the required basis for economic growth and improved social welfare. With this document, the Government of the Republic of Moldova has identified the country’s vision and strategic opportunities within the energy context located in a rapidly changing geopolitical space that includes the Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, Russia and the Caucasus region. The Strategy represents an efficient prioritisation of the country's problems, calling for quick solutions and rescheduling/resizing of objectives in line with the need to achieve an optimal balance between: internal resources, the ones that are currently used and the ones provided, country’s emergency needs, EU and Energy Community objectives, as well as the national targets, international obligations towards treaties, agreements and programmes (also including the neighbourhood policy) signed by the Republic of Moldova. The overall strategic goals for 2013 – 2030 are defined, as well as the specific goals for 2013-2020 and 2021-2030, having provided the goals implementation measures.

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