Factsheet: Waste Management Act 1996

Waste Management Act 1996

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Waste Management Act 1996
The Waste Management Act, 1996 was enacted in May, 1996. The main objectives of the Act are: • a more effective organisation of public authority functions in relation to waste management, • enabling measures designed to improve performance in relation to the prevention and recovery of waste, and • a comprehensive regulatory framework for the application of higher environmental standards, in response to EU and national requirements. This Act was subsequently amended by the Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 and the Protection of the Environment Act 2003. These Acts are the legislative basis for all waste management issues. An intensive programme of regulatory updating has been carried out under the 1996 Act. These Regulations address matters such as waste planning, producer responsibility obligations, the movement, transhipment and general control of hazardous wastes, and public access to information, as well as waste licensing and permitting.
improve waste management

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


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