Factsheet: Single environmental text

Single environmental text

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Single environmental text
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
testo unico sull'ambiente
Directive 60/2000/EC (commonly called “Water Framework Directive”) is a complex document dealing with multiple aspects: strictly environmental ones, those concerning administrative organisation, balances between different territorial and government levels, economic-financial elements, and aspects of participation. The Directive aims at gradually reducing the emissions of dangerous substances into waters in order to reach the final goal of eliminating dangerous substances and of contributing to obtaining values that are close to those of the natural ground with respect to the concentrations in marine environment of substances found in nature. Italy has implemented the Directive by the Legislative Decree 152/2006 “Norms Concerning the Environment”, commonly called “Single Environmental Text” as it regroups in a single legislative text the environmental laws previously contained in several decrees. In the framework of biofuels, this Decree defines the quality standards of biomass for energy production, air emissions of biomass combustion plants, waste managment and procedures for EIA of bioenergy systems. This leads to the implemantation of environmental emission standards; waste management strategies and guidelines, including biomass re-use and energy conversion.
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Italian Ministry of Environment, Regions, Public Municipalities


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