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Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (biofuel quota)
Slovenia has adopted the following legislative acts on biofuels for transport: a. An operational programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a revised version of which was adopted by the Slovenian government in 2006, and an initial programming document introducing measures to promote biofuels. The operational programme states that the objective of introducing biofuels in transport from 2008–2012 is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 120 000 tonnes CO2 equivalent a year, which will mean replacing 45 000 tonnes of diesel and petrol a year. b. The Excise Duty Act (Slovenian Official Gazette No 84/98, last amended in No 122/06), which exempts biofuels used as motor fuels from the excise inspection and payment system when used in their pure form. When biofuels are blended with fossil fuels, a maximum 5% exemption from the payment of excise duty can be claimed, or more for standard fuels containing biofuels. The level of exemption from excise duties is proportional to the share of biofuel added. c. The Rules on the content of biofuels in motor vehicle fuels (Slovenian Official Gazette No 83/05, corrigendum No 108/05), which, in accordance with Directive 2003/30/EC, defines: - the types of biofuels used as transport biofuels and- the minimum level of biofuels in motor vehicle transport which fuel distributors must ensure for motor vehicles each calendar year up to 2010. Obligations of fuel distributors In accordance with the Rules on the content of biofuels in motor vehicle fuels (Slovenian Official Gazette No 83/05, corrigendum 108/05), distributors of fuel for transport vehicles must ensure a mandatory annual average content of biofuels in all transport fuels placed on the Slovenian market.

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