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climate and energy

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Cohesive Climate and Energy Policy
Energy policy aims to create the conditions for efficient and sustainable energy use and a cost-effective Swedish energy supply with a low impact on health, the environment and climate change. Energy policy also aims to facilitate the transition to an ecologically sustainable society. This will promote sound economic and social development throughout Sweden. Other energy policy targets are contained in the Riksdag's decision of June 2002 on guidelines for energy policy (Govt Bill 2001/02:143). In accordance with the bill 'A Cohesive Climate and Energy Policy – Energy', a number of new energy policy targets have been adopted (Govt. Bill 2008/09:163): •By 2020 at least 50 per cent of total energy consumption should come from renewable energy sources. •By 2020 the transport sector should meet the renewable energy target of at least 10 per cent. •By 2020 energy efficiency should increase by 20 per cent. This is expressed as a cross-sectoral target of a 20 per cent reduction in energy intensity by 2020 relative to 2008. Transport and industry are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in Sweden. By using quantified climate and energy targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency, along with specific instruments to achieve these targets, the Government is laying the foundation for long-term stable conditions for a transition from a fossil fuel-based society and a move towards sustainable energy and transport systems. A fossil-free vehicle fleet is a priority for the Government. The conditions for environmentally sound cars are being developed through the extension of the fringe benefit tax subsidy. New support is being introduced for electric buses and the super green car rebate is being reinforced. The effect of environmental taxes will increase. New public transport will be created and the Government is investing in the upgrade of the existing railways. Within the framework of a cycling strategy, SEK 100 million is being set aside for measures to promote cycling during 2016–2017.

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Goverment officies Sweden


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