Factsheet: Forest groups

Forest groups

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Decision of the Flemish Government of 27 June 2003 on the recognition and subsidizing of forest groups and the way in which members of the ANB (Nature and Forest Agency) may participate in approved forest groups
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Besluit van de Vlaamse Regering van 27 juni 2003 betreffende de erkenning en de subsidiëring van bosgroepen en de wijze waarop leden van het ANB (Agentschap Natuur en Bos) kunnen meewerken in erkende bosgroepen
Subsidies are provided to forest groups. Forest groups are voluntary cooperations between different forestry owners (public, as well as private). The main goal is to organize joint forest management and woodsales.
- Stimulate sustainable forest management. - Regulate forest protection and forest management.

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