Factsheet: IAR Cluster

IAR Cluster

Key Information


Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Industries & Agro-Resources
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Association industries et agro-resources
The IAR Cluster offers its members services aimed at increasing their competitivity through innovation. The promotion of plant use lies at the heart of its skills. The IAR Cluster team is committed to tailoring its service to project initiators. Each service responds to typical issues such as formalising projects, feasibility, financing, the search for partners, connections with the world of research, life cycle analysis, skills, etc. The IAR Cluster supervises and supports projects aimed at a successful conclusion and significant economic spin-offs. Services developed by IAR Cluster: ◾Business Intelligence ◾IAR ACV ◾International ◾Agrobiobase ◾Communication ◾Skills Directory ◾Skills Management ◾IAR-Invest ◾Project Engineering
The Industry and Agro-resource (IAR) Cluster promotes exchanges, decompartmentalisation and project launches. It assembles players from the whole value chain around a shared innovation problem.
Responsible Authority: 
Association “Industries & Agro-Ressources” World Competitivness Cluster