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National Technological Cluser of Green Chemistry
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Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale della Chimica Verde
SPRING is an Association gathering more than 100 members, all realities operating in different ways in the field of bioeconomy and representing the entire Italian value-chain of “green chemistry”. SPRING aims to; support a continuous interaction among its members and other actors active in the field of bioeconomy in order to sustain the creation of innovative and strategic projects of significant technological impact for the sector of “green chemistry”, and to relaunch the creation of public-private partnerships; promote the testing and demonstration of prototypes and pilot plants for the production of biochemicals and biomaterials; to encourage synergistic integration processes among the sectors of chemistry, engineering design, food processing, agriculture and waste management. Of the same importance are the activities related to technology transfer, environmental communication and dissemination of the principles and issues related with bioeconomy, which will be carried out within the Cluster by many members such as regional innovation clusters , technology parks, consortia, trade and local associations, development agencies, foundations, in order to maximize the spread on the territory of SPRING initiatives and achievements. The Cluster has therefore the proposition of becoming a point of reference for local, national and European institutions in the field of “green chemistry”, helping to define the implementation of a national policy on bioeconomy and to have it diffused at a European level.
The objective is to trigger the development of biobased industries in Italy, through an holistic approach to innovation, aimed at revitalising Italian chemistry in the name of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The purpose is to stimulate research and investments in new technologies, in constant dialogue with the actors of local areas, and to pursue the European Commission most recent policies on bioeconomy.


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