Factsheet: Solid biofuels quality standards for heating applications

Solid biofuels quality standards for heating applications

Key Information
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FEK Β 2499 (04.10.2013) Ministerial Degree No. 198/2013 Solid biofuels for non-industrial use - Requirements and testing methods
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ΦΕΚ Β 2499 (04.10.2013) Υπουργική Απόφαση Αριθμ. 198/2013 Καύσιμα στερεής βιομάζας για μη βιομηχανική χρήση − Απαιτήσεις και Μέθοδοι Δοκιμών
The Degree requires that solid biofuels for the heating market conform to the requirements for properties and quality assurance of the EN 14961 and EN 15234 multi-part standards respectively. As a further, national requirement, crude olive cake and exhausted olive cake that are used in non-industrial applications must have an oil content below 2% wt (dry basis).
The aim of the decree is to provide the quality specifications that should apply for the solid biofuels used mostly in the heating market. These are meant to be used by the market monitoring mechanisms of the relevant ministries in order to ensure that 1) solid biofuels traded in the Greek market are of sufficient high quality and that no unsuitable products can be found on the market and 2) consumers can get all critical information on the fuels they purchase from the product declaration that is compulsory for producers/traders on display on their product.

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Ministry of Finance / General Chemical State Laboratory (G.C.S.L.) / Directorate of Petrochemicals


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