Factsheet: Bioenergieregion Straubing-Bogen

Bioenergieregion Straubing-Bogen

Key Information
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Bioenergy region Straubing-Bogen
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Bioenergieregion Straubing-Bogen
The rural district of Straubing-Bogen has been awarded along with 24 other German regions the title "bioenergy Region" by the German ministry of Food, agriculture and forestry in 2009. Bioenergy depicts an important contribution to the economic development of rural regions. The bioenergy Region Straubing-Bogen works at developing sustainable Networks and public awareness for the use of bioenergy and thus, creating the necessary Investment in rural Areas.
Goals of the "Bioenergieregion Straubing-Bogen" are: - Augmentation of regional bioenergy-value chains - Development of a leading qualification-, Research-, and knowledge Center - porfiling and positioning of the Region in external and internal Marketing under the brand "Straubing - Region of Renewable Raw Materials"
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Bioenergieregion Straubing-Bogen Funding authority: BMEL


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