Factsheet: Liquid biofuels quota

Liquid biofuels quota

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Law 3423: Introduction of liquid biofuels and other biofuels in the Greek market (Official Government Gazette Α' 304/ 13.12.2005)
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
NOMOΣ ΥΠ’ ΑΡΙΘ. 3423: Εισαγωγή στην Ελληνική αγορά των βιοκαυσίμων και άλλων ανανεώσιμων καυσίμων (ΦΕΚ Α' 304/ 13.12.2005)
A series of laws (3423/2005, 3769/2009, 4062/2012, 4093/2012 and 4111/2013) set up the main framework for the use of liquid biofuels in the Greek market for petroleum products in the transport sector (which is organized according to Law 3054/2002). The laws Producers and distributors of petrol and diesel are obliged to blend their fuels with a certain amount "quota" of biofuels. The mandatory quota is specified in the distribution scheme, which is reviewed every year. In 2005, when the laws were first introduced, the biodiesel percentage was 2.5% (by volume) and has increased to a maximum of 7% since early 2013. The blending takes place either at the petroleum refineries or by diesel importing companies, before the fuel is made available in the Greek wholesale market. Higher percentages of biodiesel are accepted, provided that the fuel meets the requirements and rules of the State Chemical Council and the higher blend is clearly labeled. The required quantities are mostly coming from energy crops and other raw materials from Greece, which are converted to biodiesel in local refineries. Additional quantities originate either from imported raw materials or from biodiesel producted in other Member States. Biodiesel producers and distributors should possess a Biofuels Production Unit Operating Licence and Biofuels Distribution Licence respectively, while distributors should also possess suitable storage facilities.
The liquid biofuels quote is the main mechanism for the introduction of liquid biofuels in the Greek transport sector. The relevant laws aim to introduce the relevant EU Directives (currently 2009/28/EC) in the Greek legislation.
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Ministry of Environmental, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA) / General Secretariat for Energy and Climate Change / Directorate of Petroleum Policy


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