Factsheet: Regional energy balance

Regional energy balance

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Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Regional energy balance of Central Finland
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Keski-Suomen energiatase
Energy balance of Central Finland visualize total energy production and consumption of the region. The production is described per fuel used and the consumption per sector. Total energy consumption of the region in 2012 was 17,8 TWh. In energy production the biggest share is local renewables (wood and black liquor (a side product from pulp industry). Fossil fuels still play an important role in regions total energy production, majority of fossil fuels this is used in vehicles. A promising trend is, that the share of wood has increased constantly. A characterizing feature in Central Finland is the dependency of imported energy. 44 % of energy consumed originates from renewable sources, this figure includes imported energy. In energy consumption, industry’s share is 49%. Heating is 28%, electricity 8% and transport 15%. Energy balance also describes the value of the energy used, per energy source. The value of fuels used (2012) in energy production was 621M€, energy imports and oil contributed 83%. The value of solid wood bioenergy is approximately 100M€. This energy balance is calculated every second year and is of great importance when evaluating regions’ energy consumption. It is also a good material for policy makers, it shows the benefits of the local renewable energy production to regions local economy.
- decrease in energy consumption - increase in local renewable energy production - decrease in fossil energy use

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Close connection to national energy efficiency targets
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Keski-Suomen energiatoimisto


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