Factsheet: Strategy for rural area development in Central Finland 2014-2020

Strategy for rural area development in Central Finland 2014-2020

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Strategy for rural area development in Central Finland 2014-2020
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Keski-Suomen alueellinen maaseudun kehittämisstrategia 2014-2017
Development of the rural areas is fufnded from European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFDR). The goal is to increase the wellbeing in rural areas, by sustainable growth, development of the business and increasing the quality of life. This funding is coordinated by the centre of economic development, transport and environment (ELY).
The cornerstones for rural development are bioeconomy, local economy, entrepreneurship, experience driven culture and customer oriented approach. In experience-driven culture, they key is open-minded approach to challenges. In development, also risks are allowed, and we can learn even from failures. Central Finland profiles itself as a region of experience-driven culture. Central Finland is known from its’ sustainable utilization of biomass, from agriculture, forestry and aquaculture. This utilization brings new business and helps the society use less fossil raw materials. Bioeconomy is a core of wellbeing. Local production in services, especially those related to immaterial goods, e.g. green care are of great importance. We should be proud of our regions products and services, local knowledge and culture. Customer oriented approach is also opening the markets to areas near us. It is interaction between the areas, networking, marketing and sale. 1) Sustainable and new, innovative entrepreneurship 2) Attractive and diverse living in rural areas 3) Forest as drivers of economy 4) New boost to entrepreneurship in rural areas The funding of this is integrated to the overall development of the region. The share of the EAFRD for 2014-2017 is 21,9M€.

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Law on support of rural development (28/2014)
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Centre for economic development, transport and the environment


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