Factsheet: Agro meets Chemistry

Agro meets Chemistry

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Agro meets Chemistry, business plan
The Biobased Delta developed a joined business plan: Agro meets Chemistry. This business plan is approved by triple helix organization. A joined agenda on the biobased economy is an essential instrument to develop the bio based economy! The agenda consist of three themes: 1. Green feedstock 2. Green building blocks 3. Sustainable process industry The themes are constructed around five pillars: 1. business development 2. toplocations 3. knowledge and education 4. financial instruments 5. branding and communications 6. acquisitions and internationalization
A joined agenda for the whole region with commitment of triple helix parties (government, enterprises, knowledge institutions)
Connection with National Policy: 
The agenda Agro meets Chemistry fits into the Dutch "top sectoren beleid" of the Dutch ministry of economic affairs
Responsible Authority: 
Biobased Delta