Factsheet: Forestry Plan of Madrid 2000-2019

Forestry Plan of Madrid 2000-2019

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Forestry Plan of the Community of Madrid 2009-2019
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Plan Forestal de la Comunidad de Madrid 2009-2019
The Plan provides guidelines, programs, activities, investments and implementation phases of forestry policy and nature conservation, and establishes mechanisms for the monitoring and evaluation needed for compliance. The Plan includes ten programs relating to: ◾Forestation and restoration of the ground cover. ◾Hydrological and forest protection. ◾Defense of forests against fires and pests. ◾Protection of natural areas of special interest. ◾Protection and management of wildlife. ◾Use of public recreation and environmental education. ◾Organization and promotion of multiple, rational and sustainable utilization of forest resources. ◾Eco-forestry research. ◾ Social participation and socio-economic development. ◾Industrialization of forest products and Energy self-sufficiency of farms
To optimize the forestry resources of the Comunity of Madrid

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Community of Madrid


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