Factsheet: BIOMCASA II Program


Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
BIOMCASA II Program for the execution of biomass heating projects in buildings
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BIOMCASA II Programa para la ejecución de proyectos de biomasa térmica en edificios
Biomcasa II Program: Program for the implementation of projects of thermal biomass in buildings Posted on January 14, 2013 in the BOE, the Resolution of the Board of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Energy Saving, of 13 November 2012, establishing the call and regulatory basis for enabling partner companies to participate in the BIOMCASA II Program. It has provided the program with a budget of € 5,000,000 for investment. It has also adapted the financial conditions to a situation close to market conditions, with greater control conditions over qualified companies and projects, as well as other control measures such as a PRETEL telemonitoring system at all facilities financed through the program.
The program's goal is to facilitate the promotion and financing of projects of thermal biomass in buildings in Spain, thus further such projects and incorporate the program startups.

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it is a national program
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Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism


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