Factsheet: sustainable transport

sustainable transport

Key Information
Full name of Instrument & Measure (English): 
Region Västra Götaland’s plan of action for sustainable transport system 2013-2015
Full name of Instrument & Measure (native language): 
Västra Götalandsregionens handlingsprogram för hållbara transporter 2013-2015
The program is one of the Västra Götaland tools to meet the objectives of "Vision Västra Götaland - The good life" and "goals of the Growth Strategy Västra Götaland". Sustainable transport refers to the ecological, social and economic sustainability of transport. Fuels and Vehicle Engineering for shipping is included in the Programme of Action for Sustainable Energy. The goals to be achieved are: - drastically improved energy efficiency - transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy - community planning and transfer of freight to more environmentally friendly alternatives
transition to a sustainable transport system
Responsible Authority: 
The Regional Council Västra Götaland


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