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Green Chemistry Belt

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Danube region - Green Chemistry Belt
In the "Green Chemistry Belt" cooperate academic institutions and businesses to create along the Danube ecological and cost-efficient supply chains for biogenic raw materials. The change from petroleum-based to bio-based feed-stocks in the chemical industry will require a giant amount of biomass. The large agricultural area along the Danube will be able to deliver these feed-stocks. The concept of "Green Chemistry Belt" allows for - decentralized harvest: Local production of biomass in form of agricultural products and waste material - the regional conversion to transportable and nonperishable raw materials and the central processing of quality biogenic raw materials for the chemical industry at port locations and logistics hubs along the Danube. - Shipping along the Danube upstream and in the Rhine area The focus here is on the analysis of biomass potentials, infrastructure conditions and the concept of a value chain of biogenic raw materials along the Danube. The European Danube Region and the Straubing region have benefit because of their specialized biomass logistics port of this emerging market.
connect the supply of biomass resources from the Danube countries with the demand of (green) chemical industry upstream and in the Rhine area and become the example of regional bio-economy strategy.
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Biocampus Straubing GmbH


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