Factsheet: Support schemes for heating and cooling installations using renewable energy sources (RES)

Support schemes for heating and cooling installations using renewable energy sources (RES)

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Support schemes for heating and cooling installations using renewable energy sources (RES)
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Podporni ukrepi za sisteme gretja in hlajenja z uporabo obnovljivih virov energije (OVE)
There is a number of schemes promoting use of RES in heating and cooling installations in Slovenia In general, all technologies are eligible. However, most public calls favour solar thermal installations, heat pumps (geothermal and aerothermal) and biomass (specifically wood biomass) plants. 1) The most substantial support for RES heating and cooling in Slovenia is a grant scheme from the Ministry of Infrastructure (via public (state owned) energy companies) and a (soft) loan scheme financed by the Eco Fund. The Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eco Fund) provides grants for investments in the use of RES-H in one-family and multi-family houses by residents, and environmental investments and projects by legal entities. The Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eko Sklad) awards low-interest loans to renewable energy projects through tendering. In general, the public calls are open for all technologies with the exception of biogas. AMOUNT: The amount of credit depends on the amount of eligible costs, the type of investment, the evaluation of the environmental criteria, the credit rating of the eligible party and the debt insurance, the total funds available and the applicable state aid and "de minimis" limits. The current public call (51OB14) provides € 8 million for private owners and residents. The amount of loan for private individuals is € 1,500 to € 20,000 or € 40,000 in special circumstances. PERIOD: In the case of private owners or residents, the maximum credit period is 10 years. The interest rate for natural persons and residents is the 3 month EURIBOR rate plus 1.5 percent and is fixed for the entire credit period. 2 Various energy companies invite via tenders and public calls applicants for subsidies in RES heating measures. Subsidies are awarded in the form of grants. Public calls focus mainly on the replacements of old boiler with biomass boilers systems and/or the improvement of old boilers as well as the installations of RES installations using solar and geothermal energy sources. Financial incentives are tendered on a monthly basis and asre usually open for a short period of time (or the allocated funds simply run out). The calls usually invite projects involving the instalment of boiler installations primarily using wood biomass. Some public call documentations also mention the possibility of incentives for other RES technologies. The boiler must be in line with special technical requirements (e.g. on the exhaust gases and ashes and the output of the boiler), see the respective tender for additional technical requirements. The Energy companies provide the necessary funds. The remaining 85% is financed via the European Cohesion Fund.
To increase use of RES in heating&cooling installations used by citizens, legal persons and entrepreneurs based in the Republic of Slovenia

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Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo (MZIP) – Ministry for Infrastructure; Direktorat za energijo – Directorate for Energy