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SCAR network

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Standing Commitee on Agricultural Research (SCAR)
The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) was established in 1974 by a Regulation of the Council of the EU. It is formed by representatives of Member States, and presided over by a representative of the Commission, who have a mandate to advise the Commission and the Member States on the coordination of agricultural research in Europe. The SCAR committee was given in 2005 a renewed mandate by the Council to play a major role in the coordination of agricultural research efforts across the European Research Area. SCAR will look beyond the narrow aspects of research relating to production and encompass the so called ‘fork-to-farm’ concept, emphasising research for sustainable agriculture, and including biodiversity and rural development. One of SCARs Strategic Working Groups is 'Sustainable bioresources for a growing bioeconomy'. The Strategic Working Group on Bio-resources discusses how renewable bio-resources can be sustainably produced for the Bioeconomy. This is a matter of producing more renewable biological resources from fewer inputs (such as agricultural land area, water, fertilizer, use of machinery). But it is also about logistical questions, the biomass potential of different European regions, how much biomass is available and how much of that can be used. It is furthermore about how farmers can profit from the Bioeconomy and how they can get involved as stakeholders. Other questions the SWG addresses are how the implementation of the Bioeconomy strategy impacts upon agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquacultures. How the Bioeconomy fosters new connections between well-established sectors and how this in turn might change these sectors and their sustainable and profitable operation in the future.
Achieving real sustainability in a wide sense and responding directly to the concerns of the consumers of Europe. For the bioeconomy working group this is expressed as 'how top produce renewable bioresources sustainably for the Bioeconomy'.


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