Factsheet: Combined heat and power law

Combined heat and power law

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Combined Heat and Power Law
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KWK - Gesetz
This federal act regulates the uniform distribution of subsidies for combined heat and power facilities. The act promotes the financial support for the modernisation of existing facilities as well investment subsidies for new CHP facilities. The regulatory structure in Austria has long supported CHP. The Austrian Energy Liberalisation Act implemented on 1 December 2000 included the Federal Act providing new rules on the organisation of the electricity sector, "ELWOG 2000" (Electricity Act 2000). This Act enabled the executive laws of the nine Länder to oblige grid companies to purchase electricity from CHP plants, provided that they served public district heating supply. It also stipulated that a minimum payment per kWh to be granted to CHP generated electricity serving public district heating.
support the modernisation of existing CHP facilities as well as investments for new CHP facilities

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Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy / Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft 


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