Factsheet: Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff - REFIT

Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff - REFIT

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Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff - REFIT
In Ireland, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through a feed-in-tariff scheme. The entities entitled to the feed-in tariff are those suppliers that purchase electricity from renewable sources from generators with whom they have entered into a commercially negotiated REFIT Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). There are three REFIT schemes and they establish guaranteed support prices for various sources of energy, i.e. minimum prices for each category of electricity (5.1 REFIT 1, REFIT 2, and REFIT 3). The original scheme, known as REFIT 1, only had state-aid clearance to accept new applications until 31/12/09. In 2012, two new schemes (REFIT 2 and REFIT 3) received state aid clearance and were open for new applications. REFIT 2 covers onshore wind (small and large scale), hydro (small scale), and biomass landfill gas (4.1 REFIT 2) whereas REFIT 3 covers the biomass categories of anaerobic digestion, biomass CHP, biomass combustion and biomass co-firing (4.1 REFIT 3).
Support electricity from renewable sources

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Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources/CER (Commission for Energy Regulation)


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