Factsheet: Royal Decree on gas distribution

Royal Decree on gas distribution

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Royal Decree 1434/2002, dated December 27, which regulates transmission, distribution, commercialisation, supply and the authorisation procedures for natural gas installations
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Real Decreto 1434/2002, de 27 de diciembre, por el que se regulan las actividades de transporte, distribución, comercialización, suministro y procedimientos de autorización de instalaciones de gas natural
Royal Decree 1434/2002 establishes the framework in which activities relating to the natural gas industry have to be developed and which covers three basic aspects. Firstly, the requirements needed to carry out the different activities (transportation, distribution and supply sale) are determined; secondly, the aspects regarding supply itself are regulated and lastly, all of the details of the administrative authorisation procedure for gas installations are regulated. Royal Decree regulates all the aspects relating to the requirements for certifying the legal, technical and economic capacity that companies must satisfy to be able to carry out natural gas transportation, distribution and supply sale activities, together with their rights and obligations. As far as supply is concerned, the relationships between gas companies and consumers in both the regulated market and the liberalised market are developed, including the regulation of mains connections and any other actions that need to be taken for a new supply, supply contracts in the regulated market, reasons for suspension of supply, service quality and the procedures for consumers to switch from one supplier to another. As for the procedures for authorisation of installations, the aim is to combine legal security with the necessary speed and flexibility of administrative procedures by suggesting procedures that avoid duplicity in actions relating to environmental issues and that ensure competition.
regulate natural gas installations

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Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism


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