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Search here in a targeted way for Instruments & Measures that foster the development of regional bioeconomies. You can filter your search based on a set of differentiating information fields. For each Instrument & Measure a detailed factsheet will be provided. Some examples of how the tool can be used.

Short name of Instrument or Measure ISO Country/Region Type of Instrument & Measure Sector/Topic targeted
Forests Conservation and Management Bill 2014 KENYA (JAMHURI YA KENYA) Tax Reduction, Strategies Forestry, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...)
Green Energy Policy INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements, Tax Reduction, Platform, Training/Education Energy
Guidelines for Compiling RUEN and RUED INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements, Guidelines, Action Plans Energy
Guidelines for implementation of auction of forest products found, seized and confiscated INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements Forestry
Guidelines of Plantation Business Licensing INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements Agriculture
Implementation of demonstration activities on reduction of emission from deforestation and degradation INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements Forestry
Import and use of equipment for activities of business: license to utilize forest or license to utilize timber INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements, Investment Subsidies Forestry
Income tax facilities for investment in certain business fields and/or certain regions INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Tax Reduction Taxation and Trade, Energy, Mobility, transport and logistics
Income tax reduction for energy development projects INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Tax Levels, Tax Reduction Taxation and Trade
Indonesia Power Price Purchase Guidance INDONESIA (REPUBLIK INDONESIA) Requirements Energy