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Search here in a targeted way for Instruments & Measures that foster the development of regional bioeconomies. You can filter your search based on a set of differentiating information fields. For each Instrument & Measure a detailed factsheet will be provided. Some examples of how the tool can be used.

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Short name of Instrument or Measure ISO Country/Region Type of Instrument & Measure Sector/Topic targeted
European industrial bioenergy initiative (EIBI) EU EU28 Action Plans, Investment Subsidies Energy, Mobility, transport and logistics, Research and Innovation
Act on emission trading FI FINLAND (SUOMI) Requirements, Tradable Certificates Energy, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...)
Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Regional Strategy FI Keski-Suomi Economic/financial instruments, Voluntary (non-binding) initiatives Agriculture, Climate, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Education, training and human rersource development, Energy, Forestry, Health & public safety, Mobility, transport and logistics, Waste
Energy Aid FI FINLAND (SUOMI) Investment Subsidies Energy
Energy Taxes FI FINLAND (SUOMI) Tax Reduction, Tax Levels Energy, Mobility, transport and logistics, Taxation and Trade
Farm energy programme FI FINLAND (SUOMI) Investment Subsidies Energy, Agriculture
Innovative cities (INKA) Bioeconomy, Jyväskylä FI FINLAND (SUOMI) R&D Funding, Research, development and deployment, Platform Agriculture, Biotechnology, Clustering, co-operation and networking, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Energy, Forestry, Industry, enterprise and commerce, Infrastructure, Mobility, transport and logistics, Products, Public sector, Research and Innovation, Waste
Production subsidies for renewable electricity FI FINLAND (SUOMI) Subsidies, Feed-In Tariff, Premium Energy
Feed-in tariff FR FRANCE Feed-In Tariff Energy
Fund for thermal renovation of private housings FR FRANCE Investment Subsidies Energy