Titlesort ascending Country/Region Rule Type Sector/Topic targeted
Jyväskylä city climate change mitigation action plan Keski-Suomi Voluntary (non-binding) initiatives Climate, Education, training and human rersource development, Energy, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...), Infrastructure, Mobility, transport and logistics, Products
Joint technology initiative for bio-based industries (BBI-JTI) EU28 R&D Funding, Investment Subsidies Research and Innovation
Investment Law GREECE (ΕΛΛΑΔΑ) Subsidies, Tax Levels Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Economy, Finance
Innovative cities (INKA) Bioeconomy, Jyväskylä FINLAND (SUOMI) R&D Funding, Research, development and deployment, Platform Agriculture, Biotechnology, Clustering, co-operation and networking, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Energy, Forestry, Industry, enterprise and commerce, Infrastructure, Mobility, transport and logistics, Products, Public sector, Research and Innovation, Waste
Innovation policy guidelines FINLAND (SUOMI) Strategies Economy, Research and Innovation
iLUC (COM(2012)595) EU28 Targets Energy
HELIOS: RES promotion and biofuels sustainability criteria GREECE (ΕΛΛΑΔΑ) Requirements Mobility, transport and logistics
H2020 EU28 R&D Funding Research and Innovation
Green tenders IRELAND Action Plans Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...)
Green power certificates VLAAMS GEWEST Substitution Obligation, Tradable Certificates, Penalty For Non-Compliance Energy


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